Team Canada 2011

Team Canada 2011
Team pilots Mark Byrne, Chad Northeast and Dezso Vaghy

Friday, August 5, 2011

AMA Nationals 2011 - Day 3 FAI & Masters Results

Out of bed and off to breakfast with Kelly early this morning.  Everyone split up as I had to judge Masters at Site #1, Chad judged at Site #3, Hartley flew at #3 and Mark took Robyn to the practice site to get some F-11 polished up for the afternoon FAI Semi's...... just another day at a contest!  Hartley was also busy packing up the trailer in between rounds as they start to head back to BC this afternoon.

Kelly dropped me off for my Judging duties and headed back to the hotel to get some stuff done. I spent the next 3.5 hours watching the Masters guys do their stuff. Some people have coined this the No-Show Nats but I witnessed some top notch flying today from some of those that did show up. It will be a battle in both Masters and FAI.  I was on a judging line with Mark Atwood whom was scheduled to fly in the semi's this afternoon. Turns out his Spark was lost last night when the RX lost signal somehow. His plane made an unceremonious arrival into a corn field and was destroyed. Felt sorry for him as he has had a string of bad Karma.

The Masters guys finished off rounds 5 & 6 and the FAI boys both flew a round each at Site #1 and #3 respectively. The top 9 Masters guys go at it in the morning as well as the top 8 FAI pilots battle it out for top spot.

The FAI guys also flew with in the afternoon and Mark had his first F-11 semi's indoctrination! He was not pleased with his flight but we watched Chad put in a burner round. Very solid. The boys packed up and headed over to site #1 to fly their next and possibly final round of F-11.

While this swap was taking place we stopped to say goodbye to Pat & Hartley as they started their journey home. It was sad to see them drive out of the AMA site but we will soon see them again back home. They were great hosts to our BBQ' s and "debrief sessions" and always welcomed us... except early in the mornings :-) I am sure Hartley would love to come back and participate again... I believe  he really enjoyed the experience and will never forget the trip.

Camp Canada 2011

Mark was up first and finished strong with a solid flight. Considering that he was pushing the P-11 elements these past couple weeks at the Worlds his F was pretty good. Chad once again also had a great flight. Tim Jesky was handling our flight line and he ran a steady contest at this location. Jerry also had things under control at site #3.

Once the top 8 FAI guys spent a few hours picking the two unknown sequences they were printed and released to the pilots and public to practice their stick planes on:-)

Unknown #1

We went off this evening for a nice dinner at Vera Mae's Bistro in downtown Muncie. This place was suggested by Mark Atwood while conversing during the judging session this morning. It was very good!

We arrived back at the hotel and visited with Chad & Nedim for a bit. Looked at the schedules and planned tomorrows activities.... watch Chad and the boys battle it out.

Off to bed..... if I can make it there:-)

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