Team Canada 2011

Team Canada 2011
Team pilots Mark Byrne, Chad Northeast and Dezso Vaghy

Friday, July 15, 2011


OK folks here we go with my rendition of the 2011 team blog page. I will attempt to match the reporting that was done from our trip to Argentina in 2007.

I'll be making adjustments along the way as I edit and format these pages with additional links etc. but this will be my take on the proceedings. As I have the honor of being Team Manager I hope to add my perspective on this event and give everyone as much info as possible from this viewpoint.

Of course my job will come first... er let me rephrase that... my wife Kelly comes first :-), managing the team second and then blogging so if things seem a bit slow at times it's because I'm preoccupied with my duties :-)

So where are we at now....

Planning has been going on for the team's trip pretty much from the time the team trials finished up. Both Hartley Hughson and myself were asked to help with the calling and managing jobs going forward. Since then we have been busy getting things in order with hotel and travel bookings, donation requests, raffles and uniform arrangements. We also arranged for complete accounting of team funds etc. to ensure financial stability and a clear understanding of what the costs would be and how we as a team, would pay for it all.

With the AMA Nationals follow right after we also planned on flying at that event... but that's another story :-)

Following a very successful fund raising effort we are in good shape with some great individual donations as well as corporate donation from Sherwin Williams Paints. (Thanks Hartley!)

We've paid all our entry fees and will receive additional travel funding from MAAC's FAI Competition Fund. Thanks to MAAC for this continuing support!

As of today, Chad and Nedim are on the road/flooding through Saskatchewan and across the Canadian/US border. Hartley & Pat have picked up their trailer and are across the border at Blaine. Mark is practicing before the rains hit one last time before packing up the planes and I am in Campbell River relaxing with a cold beer in my hand :-) Can you tell why I am in management :-)

Dezso is packing his #1 airframe and will drive down to Muncie. Both Mark and I head out on Tuesday for Muncie and will meet up with Dezso & Nell . Xavier will be calling for Dez and will arrive later with Dez's #2 airframe. We also have several team supporters coming from across the country. Our spouses from the West Coast & Alberta, Spencer Gray from Ontario, and Cheryl and Ian Clark from New Brunswick.

Hartley & Pat's trailer will be the one flying the Canadian and MAAC flags in the RV parking lot at the AMA site... be sure to stop by and say hello.

If you spot links that you feel would enhance this blog then feel free to pass it on and I will add it accordingly.