Team Canada 2011

Team Canada 2011
Team pilots Mark Byrne, Chad Northeast and Dezso Vaghy

Friday, July 22, 2011

Practice Day #3

A bit of a broken record folks but here we go... out the door and on the road at 8 AM this morning. Another quick drive to the flying site and our usual group of flyers hit the Indiana skies on yet another nice but hot day.

Mark took his backup airframe and made sure it was trimmed and ready to go should bad things happen. Chad also put in a flight on his #2 airframe and made sure it was set up. The air density here requires one to adjust radio settings in order to get the feel and crispness that you would get back home. Mark commented that his #2 actually felt better than #1 so he may swap it to be his primary for the event.... nice problem to have!

Chargers galore!

We also check the fail safe settings in all the planes as this is a requirement during official processing. All that will take place in the coming days ahead.

For those that didn’t look at Bulletin #3, the official registration time for Canada is Sunday the 24th at 10:35 AM and our practice time at site #1 is Monday morning at 9:15 AM. We will then move to site #3 for the opening ceremony and reception later that day.

We wrapped up practice around one o’clock and headed for lunch then back to the hotel to shower up... we have to be clean and smelling nice when the gals arrive later!

Pat & Hartley arrived at the AMA site around 3 o’clock in the afternoon after their week long adventures across the USA.  They set up the RV and then headed into Muncie for some supplies (wine perhaps?)

Camp Canada is on site!

We headed out to the AMA site #3 and started putting in rounds. Hartley was put to work calling for Mark and also had a chance to meet some of the competitors. Shane & Sinead from the Irish team along with Pablo Kuri from Ecuador were on site as well as the Lichtenstein contingent. The Taiwanese team also arrived and started flying as we wrapped up our day’s flying session.

Mark readies his Xigris under Hartley's watch full eye.

Robyn and Kelly arrived at 7 PM following their day visit in Toronto and subsequent flight to Indianapolis this afternoon. After checking in at the hotel they made their way to the field and joined Pat at the RV.  We finished packing up the plane we headed over to “Camp Canada” for a catch up on everyone’s day.

Nedim carries Chad's Xigris Evolution back after a flight. 

Chad & Nedim went to the Roadhouse with the Lichtenstein Team in tow. They also met up with Harry & Rosemary Ells and we joined them later as hunger was setting in. After a great dinner again we headed “home” to the hotel as the gals headed to Walmart for “stuff”.

Xavier has started to take pictures and will list a link under the Pictures section on the right side of the page. For you smart phone types in blog land it’s here.....