Team Canada 2011

Team Canada 2011
Team pilots Mark Byrne, Chad Northeast and Dezso Vaghy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

AMA Nationals 2011 - Epilogue

Hi folks

Well what a marathon! We arrived home last night at 10:40 local time in Victoria, BC Canada. Our odyssey to the Worlds and the AMA Nationals was now pretty much complete.

We were able to get some limited information at the IND airport as well as YYZ as we traveled home. We checked RCU and all our sources to get info as soon as possible and we wished we could have been there in person but it wasn't to be. We witnessed the incredible efforts everyone put in to make this event happen and greatly appreciate the work the volunteers did.

I have added some of Kieth's flicker pictures to the AMA Nat's Picture folder on the right. Thanks to Keith for sharing these with the RC community at large! Those are great shots of the cooler dump!!! LOL

So we know this.....

1. Rick Byrd
2. Archie Stafford
3. Dave Snow
4. Tony Frackowiak
5. Chris Odom
6. Glen Watson
7. Joe Walker
8. Stephen Byrd

1. Dave Lockhart
2. Chad Northeast (from Canada)
3. Mark Leesberg
4. Don Szczur
5. AC Glen
6. Richard Christopher (from Great Britain)

I will add the rest of my pictures that I have yet to upload in the next little while and I hope you have all enjoyed the blog as much as I did.

Pat & Hartley are working their way back across the USA and are in Waco, Nebraska last night. The weather has been harsh and they have experienced a big storm move through yesterday.

Chad & Nedim are also driving back to Calgary, Alberta and were pushing past Chicago last night... not sure where they stopped on the way home.

That's it for now.